BAND-MAID announces the second leg of their 2023 10th Anniversary North American Tour, which will run from August 4 through 18. Tickets are on sale now, and details are available on the official BAND-MAID website.

The “impossibly hard rocking maid band” will kick off the summer with an appearance at the acclaimed music fest Lollapalooza in Chicago. They’ll then head west to seven US venues and a tour finale in Mexico City. Contrasting last year’s US TOUR 2022 locations, this latter segment represents all new stops for BAND-MAID and a second visit to Mexico City.

BAND-MAID 10th Anniversary North American Tour Poster

Tour dates for BAND-MAID’s 10th Anniversary Tour in North America

Mexico won’t be the end of BAND-MAID’s ambitious 10th anniversary celebration. Starting September 2, the maidens fly off and parade on back home in Japan, with 12 additional dates through October 25. A 13th and final show will be at Yokohama Arena November 26, their largest venue to headline to date.

All together, BAND-MAID’s 10th Anniversary Tour encompasses 41 total performances, including 23 concerts in Japan and 18 in North America. 

In anticipation of their international festivities, BAND-MAID will premier an exclusive livestream on May 10, earmarked as their special “Meidonohi” or Maid’s Day. Tune in at 18:00 JST to the official YouTube channel, where the maids have amassed over half a million subscribers.

Band-Maid "Thank you" group photo - Maid's Day 2022

BAND-MAID expresses their thanks following Maid’s Day, 2022.

No further news on the contents or even archiving of the video has been revealed. However, the band recently surveyed their fans for the song they’d most like performed during the upcoming event. The results are in: Don’t you tell ME edged out classics Thrill, Real Existence, and Freedom, with 29.8% of the votes.

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