Music, wine, and the performing arts come together at “the world’s most luxurious dinner show”, Evening and Breakfast with YOSHIKI 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. The event, a marathon of 16 shows in 9 days, runs from August 4–20 at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom in Tokyo. The fine dining experience also showcases YOSHIKI’s exclusive wines, Y by YOSHIKI.

A show to rival Las Vegas

During the show, guests dine on finely curated breakfast or a full-course French dinner. Meanwhile, YOSHIKI performs arena-class drum solos, as well piano arrangements, with stage production to rival Las Vegas. The world-renowned musician is joined by members of the prestigious Maki Asami Ballet Company, a string quartet, and guest artists. There is even a fashion show for YOSHIKIMONO, the musician’s own contemporary kimono line.

Although last year, fan interaction was strictly controlled by COVID-19 measures, 2023 marks a return to normalcy. During the February 28 press conference, YOSHIKI said he looks forward to singing and cheering with his guests again.

The event includes a charity auction to benefit YOSHIKI Foundation America, a non-profit organization that supports disaster relief and music education worldwide. The auction includes some of YOSHIKI’s stage costumes and personal belongings.

Last year, tickets were only available in Japan, but this year, overseas customers are welcome to attend. “This year, my show will be open to people from around the world”, said YOSHIKI, “You can join from wherever, be it Los Angeles, Europe, New York, or Southeast Asia”.

Tickets will be awarded by lottery, with applications for overseas fans open from April 3–9. Each person can apply for up to 4 tickets. For more details, please see the bottom of this post.

Each year tickets sell out immediately, so be sure to apply as soon as possible!

A “new vintage”

On February 28, YOSHIKI also unveiled three new releases to his wine collection, Y by YOSHIKI. All three release on March 17.

The first two, from his accessibly priced “Smart Casual” series, are called Encore. Encore features a Cabernet Sauvignon (6,820 JPY), and a Chardonnay (6,490 JPY). The third release, which he calls his “masterpiece”, is a premium range Cabernet Sauvignon from his “Oakville” series (51,700 JPY). All wines are produced by the renowned California winemaker Robert Mondavi Jr.

From left to right: Y by YOSHIKI “Encore” Cabernet Sauvignon, “Oakville” Cabernet Sauvignon, and “Encore” Chardonnay.

At the press conference, YOSHIKI divulged a little-known story about this release, and how it was almost compromised. When wildfires ripped across California in 2020, vineyards suffered damages as well. Y by YOSHIKI‘s entire 2020 vintage was abandoned due to smoke damage. This latest trio is made using grapes harvested in 2019 and 2021.

When asked which wine YOSHIKI identified with most, he replied, “Cabernet Sauvignon. I love Pinot Noir, but if I had to choose, Cabernet”. Perhaps the musician identifies with Cabernet’s dynamic, smooth and bold qualities, and the perfectionist nature of wine making.

Evening and Breakfast with YOSHIKI 2023 in Tokyo, Japan

Application for international fans (non-Japanese residents)

  • Application period: April 3, 2023 at 12:00(JST)–April 9, 2023 at 23:59 (JST)
  • Results announced: April 14, 2023 a7 17:00 (JST)
  • Ticket price: Breakfast show 88,000 (JPY), Dinner show 110,000 (JPY)
  • Overseas application: Lawson Ticket
  • Details: YOSHIKI official site

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