Revived in 2019, Nagoya rock unit deadman continues activities in 2023 with a three-stop tour and new album dead reminiscence. A live-limited single rapid dog will be distributed for free throughout the tour, which kicks off at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO on March 20.

deadman’s album dead reminiscence also drops on March 20. The album includes previously released songs, re-recorded with current support members, bassist Kazu (the god and death stars, gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy) and drummer Asanao (lynch.) for the first time. The album also includes “Original Karaoke” versions of each track.

dead reminiscence is available online at MAVERICK STORE and will be sold during the upcoming tour. After the tour, the album will be available exclusively through MAVERICK STORE, and there are no plans to release it on streaming sites. deadman fans should order while they can, as their previous album I am here sold out physical copies.

The new single rapid dog is not included in the new album. However, you can get a taste of what’s to come with the band’s teaser trailer below!

dead reminiscence teaser 2

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  1. lunch box:2.0
  2. in media:2.0
  3. Gin no Parasoru:2.0
  4. family:2.0
  5. through the looking glass:2.0
  6. Seija no Koushin:2.0
  7. lunch box:2.0 (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
  8. in media:2.0 (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
    銀のパラソル:2.0(ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
  9. Gin no Parasoru: 2.0 (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
  10. family:2.0 (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
  11. through the looking glass:2.0 (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
    聖者の行進:2.0(ORIGINAL KARAOKE)
  12. Seija no Koushin:2.0 (ORIGINAL KARAOKE)