As metalcore group ACME ramps up for their 6th anniversary, they surprised fans with a new look, a single, and an upcoming tour.

On February 14, ACME releases their 15th single Sennou (洗脳). Sennou, or in English “brainwashing” sports a slick, cybernetic cover that looks straight out of a Sci-fi flick. As ACME tends to incorporate many genres into their sound, we wonder what we can expect from just this visual!

Could their next single foray into synthpop?

In addition to the upcoming single, ACME announced an upcoming tour to celebrate their 6th anniversary. The band hits stops around Japan including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Last but not least, the genre-bending rockers unveiled a new look, which they call “Retro Feature”. In contrast to Sennou‘s jacket art, the band seems to have strutted out of a disco with flashy matching outfits. Check out the hairstyle on drummer HAL!

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