The new visual kei band DAMNED, established by former members of VELTRO, publishes its first single and music video under the new band. The title of the single is confusingly named “VELTRO” and was released yesterday, following the unveiling of the music video back in October.

Describing themselves as a band with the concept “visual kei loudcore”, the quintet brings quite a punch to the visual kei scene with a modern metalcore sound accompanied by a dark and fierce appearance.

With the single VELTRO, the band lives up to their concept with a generous supply of rhythmic power chords, guttural vocals, and a headbanging breakdown. Go check out the music video to experience it yourself, and if you like what you hear, pick up the single over at Bandcamp.

DAMNED『VELTRO』Official Music Video

VELTRO was a session band started in early 2022 and consisted of vocalist Keigo, guitarist “Kou.”, guitarist You, bassist Sakura, and drummer Masaya. Under the name VELTRO, they released two singles, Grimnir and Revenir.

After terminating VELTRO on an already pre-determined date, September 16, the members announced on the same day that they would formally begin their activities as “DAMNED”. The single VELTRO marks the first release by DAMNED.

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