The metalcore band “Earthists.” has delivered quite an interesting work this time, to say the least. The latest entry is the album “Have a Good Cult” which was fully released on June 22. Binding together melodicism with classical instruments and modern tunes, Earthists.’ pursuit of new music styles has brought them beyond, or rather, set them apart from the traditional progressive metalcore.

The 10 songs included in Have a Good Cult were carefully pieced together with synergetic purpose, down to the specific order of the songs—as expressed by vocalist Yui. The result is a dynamic experience and an emotional sound journey, with new intricate details to uncover with each listen.

One of the great ways the band introduced the album was through the song Lost Grace, which was delivered as a prerelease. Lost Grace is an incredibly impactful and aggressive piece, yet tastefully charming—a feat made possible through its harmonious arrangement between metal and classical instruments. It’s a fundamental and recurring theme throughout the album where these two contrasting elements converge perfectly, allowing metalcore to radiate its elegant colors.

Earthists. - Lost Grace (Official Lyric Video)

On top of the instrumentals, the album also presents a great balance between the gentle, clean vocals by guitarist Yuto and the scream vocals by Yui. The pairing yields a dramatic effect as it switches between the two strategically. But not only that, Yui takes it further by adding melodies to his screams—adding another layer of emotion. It sets itself apart from other vocalists whose screams are normally monotonically flat.

Besides being a previously released single, I found Overvision to be another song that stood out. It very much feels like a cousin to Lost Grace, and both of them do a great job in their own respective way of expressing the essence of the album.

There’s a good share of heavy songs too, such as SUNBLOOD, Disillusion, and Yours. Although, you will find that these types of songs are never just heavy but purposefully shaped in a way that stimulates more than one sense.

Thanks to the band’s efforts of deliberately making Have a Good Cult a dynamic experience, it kept it lively and interesting from start to finish. I encourage you to give it a spin too!

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  1. Yours
  2. Lost Grace
  3. Cure
  4. Skywalker
  5. Disillusion
  6. In Remnant (You just tell me now)
  8. KAZE
  9. Overvision
  10. Have A Good Cult