There’s a heap of livestream concerts for the month of June and this time, we have brought together a variety of interesting acts. Go ahead and explore Japanese and visual kei rock bands, VTubers, idol groups, and even musicals!

These streams are available worldwide thanks to the Tokyo-based artist empowerment platform ZAIKO.

June 2022 livestreams events

  • Please note that not all shows are livestreamed in real-time, as some could be prerecorded content.
  • Shows that have passed their date are typically still available for purchase and can be watched until the archive date.
Date (JST) Artist Description Archive period (JST) Info
June 9, 20:00 Kiyoharu “A NEW MY TERRITORY THE CIRCLE”, cinematic visuals and immersive sound. Until June 14 ZAIKO
June 10, 20:00 Kiyoharu “A NEW MY TERRITORY THE CIRCLE”, cinematic visuals and immersive sound. Until June 15 ZAIKO
June 10, 18:00 Codomo Dragon Visual kei band celebrates its vocalist Hayato’s birthday with concert. Archive period varies ZAIKO
June 10, 19:00 Kyuushuu Joshiyoku Expressive idol group delivering “beauty”, “cuteness”, and “power”. Until June 17 ZAIKO
June 11, 17:45 NEMOPHILA All-female rock band performs “Zepp Tour 2022 ~koketsu ni irazunba koji wo ezu~”. Until June 18 ZAIKO
June 11, 18:00 exist†trace All-female visual kei band livestreams and performs for an in-person audience. Until June 18 ZAIKO
June 12, 19:00 Hanagumo Kuyuri VTuber and singer who is “a Japanese private detective”, celebrates her second anniversary. Until June 15 ZAIKO
June 16, 12:30 Rurouni Kenshin musical A musical based on the movie “Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Arc”, directed by Shuichiro Koike. Until June 17 ZAIKO
June 18, 15:30 Quon Tama VTuber Quon Tama celebrates the release of the cover album “INITIUM”. Until June 21 ZAIKO
June 18, 18:00 mafumafu “OMOTE”, the opening performance of mafumafu’s first Tokyo Dome concert in two years will be made available. Until July 18 ZAIKO
June 18, 18:00 Plastic Tree Visual kei band performs “Peep Plastic Partition #18 Ame Ni Utaeba” at Zepp DiverCity. Until July 21 ZAIKO
June 18, 20:30 MELON BATAKE A GO GO An idol group with a rockabilly sound. Opening performance by the sister idol group “The Grateful a MogAAAz“. Until June 21 ZAIKO
June 19, 18:00 826aska The popular electric organist YouTuber performs “Electone Live 2022 in HIROSHIMA”. Until June 22 ZAIKO
June 19, 19:00 BΣretta Crossrain VTuber BΣretta performs a VR show. Until June 22 ZAIKO
June 25, 17:00 Nicori Light Tours The rock band “Nicori Light Tours Presents kiyo Birthday & ‘Matane’ release anniversary livestream”. Until June 28 ZAIKO
June 26, 18:00 XOXO EXTREME Hoshino Meme’s graduation concert. XOXO EXTREME is a Japanese progressive-rock idol group. Until July 26 ZAIKO
June 26, 19:00 Masaki Kanon Singer and actor Masaki Kanon celebrates the release of EP “Yumemigokochi“. Until July 26 ZAIKO

Let us know which shows you’re interested in watching in the comment section below!

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