The symphonic melodic death metal unit Imperial Circus Dead Decadence (ICDD) shares a better look at the upcoming third album through a preview, giving us a quick peek at what we can expect from the 13 tracks included. Overall, all of the songs seem to align with the sound that ICDD typically produces, so as fans ourselves, we are really looking forward to it!

The upcoming album is scheduled to go on sale starting June 1. Notably, it is dubbed the impressively long title, “MOGARI – Shi E Fukeru Omoi Wa Rikujoku Sura Kurai, Kanata No Sei Wo Aisuru Tame Ni Inochi Wo Tataeru.”. Hopefully, you can memorize the name the next time your friend is asking for music recommendation.

ICDD’s third album will be its first album release in 11 years and took six years to complete. Not only does it consist of new songs, but also a few previously released ones as well. It is available to order in physical and digital format, with perks for buyers of the physical first-press batch.

Besides the album preview, a full music video for the song Goku is available, showcasing the primary members of ICDD along with the live support members.

Update 2022-05-24: An extensive preview of the album’s first track has been unveiled via the band’s social media.

  1. Misogibarai No Kamiumi Wa Notamai, Magabarai No Shokuzai Wa Chikau. feat. Aramary
  2. YoRHa : Tsumi To Batsu No Rasen.
  3. Fushoku Ressentiment, Fushi Yoku No Sarugakuza.
  4. Goku
  5. Hyakkiyako -Pandemonic Night Parade-
    百鬼夜行 -Pandemonic Night Parade
  6. Bring+Eyes=Death+Invite
  7. Shimbatsu Wo Tadori Kyokotsu Ni Itaru
  8. Kuroki Sakura Wa Ai Yueni Sono Shi Wo Kou feat. The Herb Shop
  9. Bunretsu Shita Douke To Hakkyo No Shudojo feat. Yuto Iizuka
  10. Yomi yori Kikoyu, Kokoku No Hi To Honoo No Shojo.
    黄泉より聴こゆ、皇国の燈と焔の少女。- 殯 -
  11. Hitsu Naru Kyo-on Wa Kanashiki Kaiko mode : Alpha feat. Yuto Iizuka
    悲痛なる跫音は哀しき邂逅 mode:α
  12. Hitsu Naru Kyo-on Wa Kanashiki Kaiko mode : Omega
    悲痛なる跫音は哀しき邂逅 mode:Ω
  13. Tensei feat. Koiwai Kotori
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