On January 26, four-piece visual kei band ACME released its first digital single of 2022, Enchanted. It is now available on all major streaming platforms and download.

The digital single includes two tracks, Enchanted and coupling track “Re:”. Title track Enchanted maintains a smoky, dream-like atmosphere with a rich melange of sound textures. At times it is calming with hushed vocals and a twinkling lullaby-like undertone. Other times clear guitar melodies emerge from the smoke, guiding you deeper into the dreamscape.

In contrast, coupling track Re: wakes you up with an upbeat sound. The guitar intro reminds us instantly of pop-punk from the early ’00s. What unifies the tracks is that same twinkling, lullaby-like chime threaded through both compositions.

On January 7, ACME provided a glimpse into the world of Enchanted with a teaser music video. The music video was shot in Hollywood, USA, possibly during their Unbreakable tour last year. Hopefully, we will get to see the full version soon!

ACME /『Enchanted』【SPOT】

In the meantime, you can join ACME for a YouTube LIVE session to commemorate the new single release. It streams on ACME’s official YouTube channel on January 30 at 13:00 JST (January 29 at 20:00 PST). It is free to watch.

Flyer for ACME’s YouTube LIVE on January 30.

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