DEXCORE continues to make its presence be known whenever a new member joins. This time it’s for bassist kai, formerly of the now-disbanded band Gozenreiji., who will replace toru, the band’s previous bassist. Their newest addition has also been accompanied by a music video for an unreleased track titled Red eye where we can see kai lay down his basslines in motion.

DEXCORE’s group photo for “Red eye”. Bassist kai is to the far left!

Vocalist kagami’s vocals are brutal through and through with his English lyrics, located in the description of the video, expressing despair and hopelessness. The song is immediately characterized by its guitar tapping, machine gun chugs on the guitar and bass, furious double bass drumming, and eerie sound effects.

Matched with the glitchy, smoke-filled, and dimly lit music video, it fits the intensity of the composition perfectly. These are traits also found in past music videos such as DRAGOUT., NEW ERA, and Imitation. Even though we have the music video for Red eye, no details have been confirmed as of yet regarding its release as a song.

Their artist photos that include bassist kai in the lineup are established through faux leather detailing. Here’s to hoping that this lineup sticks for much longer than those that have come before it.

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