DEXCORE will release their first album in summer 2020 but prior to its release, the band has revealed the music video for the ridiculously awesome, djent-fueled DRAGOUT..

The chop-heavy guitars, the chaotic sharply detached notes, and unnerving ringing gradually get louder as the camera focuses on the torso of a female mannequin. The full-size dummy in question has her index finger up and a paper bag completely covering the head up to her neck with the words “THE KING?” with a wide sinister smile drawn below.

Mannequin with a paper bag presents a menacing presence in front of the band.

Then as it hits the first verse, it switches to DEXCORE performing the absolute monster of a song—a beautiful one that is—in a dimly-lit and closed-off location. The jerky camera along with the static and fast-forward effects give the music video that edgy and aggressive feel which couldn’t be any more perfect, especially for their sound!

This is also alongside vocalist Kagami looking intimidating but cool as he growls away, the other band members throwing themselves into the performance.

Throughout, there are scenes with Kagami confronting the female mannequin but he soon let all hell loose as he kicks it down for a satisfying, perfectly timed breakdown. It doesn’t end there however as the final part of the song is met with a slow breakdown complete with pig squeals.

Vocalist Kagami perfectly times his kick to a satisfying breakdown.

In addition to the first album release and music video, the band will also hold an event titled ‘Gathered of “NEW ERA” 2’. Their prior event in August last year was ‘DEXCORE presents Gathered of “NEW ERA” -First-‘, and featured a lineup of CHOKE, DEVILOOF, JILUKA, and NAZARE, the aim seems to be bringing together visual kei bands that are more aligned to metal. We’ll have to wait and see if anything else similar will be announced for this upcoming event.

Check out their artist photos for DRAGOUT. below!




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