Lockdowns are settling down and it looks like we are finally pulling through this pandemic. Naturally, we all want to get back out there and meet new like-minded people. But where can you do that as a jrocker?

Introducing Tinuki! The first and only free jrock and visual kei dating app!

For a limited time, JROCK NEWS readers are able to get instant access to the beta version by clicking the button located further down below.

What is Tinuki?

Tinuki is your go-to social network that brings like-minded jrockers together, whether you’re looking for a new friend or a partner, it all begins here!

Why Tinuki?

  • Connect with people who are interested in you and your interests.
    That’s right, some people will still be out of reach. Maybe that’s for the best, though.
  • Power to control.
    You’ll be able to pick and choose who you communicate with. No more misaligned viewpoint and no more arguing.
  • No more yelling out “girugamesh” in the hopes of making a connection.
    Imagine wearing a girugamesh T-shirt and a non-jrocker tries to chat you up. You just want to enjoy that spooky sushi you just ordered and now you have to deal with this. Tinuki wants to fix that.

How it works

Tinuki matches you with other like-minded jrockers based on information such as favorite bands.

We’ll help you get connected using our unique “Sugoi Yabai”-system where you can swipe your way to find your ideal Kamijo or Hizaki. Swipe right to pique someone’s interest, Sugoi! Swipe left to show your disapproval, Yabai!

Try it out now!No registration needed!

Tinuki Platinum

With Tinuki Platinum you’ll be the God of Sugoi with perks like:

  • Profile music
    Play “memeshikute memeshikute” the moment someone swipes your profile.
  • Facial features recognition
    Figure out the person’s real sex to avoid any surprises later that night.
  • Anti-disbandment
    You and your partner will have to sign a contract to stay together for at least two years.
  • Built-in pick-up lines
    Express yourself with quotes from GACKT. Our AI will determine which one will get your potential partner into Vanilla mode.
  • World tour
    Open up to long-distance connections, get matches regardless of distances!
  • Bandmates
    Add the ability to filter out people who like bands similar to Nickelback.

Dodge the Yabai and shoot to the top! Become Sugoi.

With Tinuki, your ability to grow your social network is limitless. Band members and fans alike can all get together and start up a conversation. What are you waiting for, get those fingers swiping!

Update 2021-04-02: Happy April Fools :)

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