BAND-MAID guitarists Miku Kobato and Kanami will be special guests on Twitch with DragonForce’s Herman Li this Friday.

A few weeks ago, the guitarist and songwriter for British metal band DragonForce made an invitation to Miku to appear on his stream via Twitter. To the delight of fans, she accepted and will be bringing bandmate Kanami to join in the chat. What will happen when the maids come face to face with the guitar geek? Browse over to his Twitch channel on Saturday, February 27 at 13:00 JST (20:00 PST).

Herman Li and BAND-MAID Twitch stream promotional graphic.

As of now, some details are unknown such as will a translator be involved? While Herman speaks English, French, and Chinese—Miku and Kanami, on the other hand, mostly speak Japanese. The topics could be about anything such as guitars, video games, or spirit animals, yet, what fans want to know, is if this could be the beginning of a crossover or collaboration? In 2019, DragonForce invited LOVEBITES as the opening act for their EU tour, so could BAND-MAID receive a similar invitation once touring activities return to normal?

In other news, if you missed BAND-MAID’s OKYU-JI concert livestream on February 11, do not worry as they have announced that Online OKYU-JI will be available on Blu-ray and DVD. Check the links below for purchase options. Get a sample of the show with the new music video for about Us and feel the love with this heartfelt ballad from them to the fans.

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