In a short but packed tweet, Sick² announced its plans to return from hiatus with an album, a new member, and even hold a couple of celebratory gigs.

The band sent a jolt of excitement to fans everywhere with news of its return from a hiatus that lasted almost a year. Sick² is not coming back empty-handed either, as the band swings back into action with its third album, Esquivalience, on February 17. No further details are out yet, but you can get a tiny taste of the new song, Ethical DADA in the short preview:

Additionally, a new drummer has joined the lineup making it a four-man unit again. However, the band is being hush-hush about it by keeping his identity secret until January 1, at 12:00 (JST). So, please look forward to his reveal then.

Moreover, on January 16 and 17, the band will hold a oneman live at Ikebukuro Black Hole aptly titled “Re:set” to commemorate the comeback. More details for the album and the drummer are to come in the following weeks, so check back for more updates.

In the meanwhile, feel free to drop your predictions about his identity in the comments below.

For those who are unfamiliar with Sick², the band paused activities in November 2019. Shortly after, former drummer Hiroshi split from the band, while the remaining members, vocalist Gene, guitarist Matsuri, and bassist Takuma quickly reformed under a new, temporary band named Kansen² (感染²) on February 1. During this period, the band released two fantastic singles, Kaitai Shinsho and VIRUS, and has held several lives in Japan. Now, since Sick² will become active again, the Kansen² project will come to an end, with its final live, “End of Kansen²”, on December 31. If you’d like more information or tickets head over to the band’s official website.

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