This year marks Sennzai’s 10th anniversary of being a freelance singer. In conjunction, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched in order to help realize a longtime dream of hers—to create a music video.

Sennzai is well known in the doujin (self-published) scene as an excellent singer with an impressive vocal range, her work can also be found in commercial music games such as Arcaea, DEEMO, CHUNITHM, and more.

In 2016, she started an independent music label “Seardrop” and recently released the fourth full-length album Tødestrieb in December 2019, and earlier in May the mini-album Ambivalen¢e.

Now, as she’s moving towards new heights, Sennzai aims to bring her vision and share it with the world through a music video. For all this to be possible, she reached out to fans all over the world, to give a helping hand and create music together—which is where the crowdfunding campaign comes in.

Make sure to take part before the deadline, December 15, 23:59.

Patrons will not only receive early access to the music video, but depending on which tier, the perks may include your name in the credits, limited edition merchandise, or even an online concert that is exclusive to you! Details on all the tiers are listed on the crowdfunding page “muevo”, make sure to set the language to “English” via the menu in the top right corner.

The music that goes with the video itself will be created with the support of M2U, a respectable composer from Korea whose name is also well known within the doujin scene, and in commercial games like DEEMO, Cytus, and VOEZ. He has even composed music for the unit EGOIST, the latest single “saigonohanabira (the meaning of love)“.

The new song of Sennzai will be featured in the upcoming album which is currently work-in-progress, with an expected release of 2021.

Additionally, Sennzai shared a video message explaining the crowdfunding campaign.

Hello, everyone!

My name is Sennzai and I’m a singer. And I’m happy to announce that this year marks the 10th anniversary of my music career! We couldn’t have gotten this far without all of you who support us on a daily basis! Thank you so much!

We are pleased to announce that we will be conducting a crowdfunding campaign to create a music video! I’d like to briefly explain how we came to the crowdfunding process.

I’m currently planning to make a new album as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, and to my surprise, I’m going to be working with a composer I’ve always admired, M2U! This song is going to be a really special song for me. I’m very happy that one of my dreams has come true, but actually, I have another dream/goal. That is to make a special music video that I couldn’t do on my own!

When we decided to work with M2U, I really, really wanted to make a special music video for the song. I was very, very worried about crowdfunding, but it’s a special time for me, my 10th anniversary, and I want to make a music video with you guys through crowdfunding to take a new step forward as an artist.

I don’t want to quit trying to be the kind of singer you’re happy to support! We’ve thought long and hard about it a lot, and we’ve got a return that you’ll enjoy! We have a lot of memorable returns, from casual plans to online gigs that we haven’t been able to do before, so we hope to have fun with you and make this project a success! Please help me out!

Hear Sennzai’s angelic voice in action!

Tødestrieb / Sennzai

ケンシロー - LINK

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