POLKADOT STINGRAY released digital single FREE on July 17 but also treated fans to its accompanying music video thereafter. This video was filmed all in one shot which is impressive as even one mistake would mean they would have to start over. It’s unknown how many times they did this but the final product is perfect and is highlighted by the vocalist and guitarist Shizuku’s captivating acting as she interacts with the camera.


The funky rhythm of the song introduces us to Shizuku fixing the camera before sitting down at her desk with her elegant movements and sweet smile. Soon after, the television screen behind her comes to life displaying lyrics as she sings. However, it soon becomes apparent that she’s not alone and that’s when everything begins to unravel around her.

Whilst we’re on the note of unraveling, Shizuku posted some sneaky behind the scenes video to show us how they masterfully slide in a completely different set to record the one-take video. This takes some amazing teamwork so check it out!

FREE is ridiculously fun to listen to with its catchy vocals and riffs. It’ll make you want to happily spin around in a circle while outside on a sunny afternoon. Alternatively, listening to it while on a sun lounger while drinking your favorite cold beverage is also an option.

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  1. FREE
  2. FREE (Instrumental)
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