Instrumental band “fox capture plan” will hold its very first no-audience livestream performance on July 24.

Due to COVID-19, the band had to cancel or postpone its performances since March. And finally, after four months, the members will gather again to bring you a delightful viewing experience.

fox capture plan Livestreaming

Livestream day: July 24 (Friday)
Time: Starts at 19:30 (archive streaming also available)
Ticket price: 2,500 yen
Ticket link:
Ticket info:

fox capture plan also recently released its collaborative single Yakeni Sunshine that features vocalist Emi Okamoto, a song with great soulful summer vibes to liven up the season.

fox capture plan / やけにSUNSHINE feat.おかもとえみ

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  1. Yakeni Sunshine (feat. Emi Okamoto)
    やけにSUNSHINE (feat. おかもとえみ)
  2. Yakeni Sunshine (Instrumental)
    やけにSUNSHINE (Instrumental)
fox capture plan:
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