One of the long-surviving female visual kei band exist†trace is finally back again with a new release after a near four-year gap in its discography. The new material is the mini-album The Only Garden and you can get your hands on it starting July 29 via the exist†trace webshop.

Of course, it doesn’t mean exist†trace has been standing still during this whole time. We at JROCK NEWS interviewed them back in 2018 and during the same year, they even started an Instagram account. But more importantly, some of the tracks included in the mini-album are actually new songs that the band performed during recent live shows.

Guitarist miko had a few words to share regarding the mini-album:

exist†trace’s activities in the first half of 2020, including our monthly one-man lives, were halted by the coronavirus. With our members not gathering together, we always kept in our minds the one place we belong, performing live for all of you. This place is “The Only Garden”, and we created this mini-album to deliver our music to everyone we’re waiting to see in front of us again. Come and visit our garden on this CD.

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  2. I'm still not dead
  3. Acacia
  4. selection
  5. POWER OF “ONE” (vocal retake ver.)
  6. Garden