Taking us on a hard trip down memory lane, Kaya has plucked out some of the greatest tracks from the most influential gothic and romantic era bands to cover. Artists say the greatest compliment is to have their work copied—but how about covers? We dare say that such a tribute would make anyone’s egos explode. Kaya is always impeccably well dressed in each video that’s been recorded on a simple phone camera. This dedication is to be admired as we don’t even put on pants nowadays.

From covering SHANZA’s Melty Love to MALICE MIZER’s Shiroi Hada ni Kuruu Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo, we’ll be sure gothic rock fans will be pleased by at least one of his covers. The latest is of Kaya back alongside the rest of the Femme Fatale to cover their own JUDGEMENT-the die has been cast-.

Femme Fatale - JUDGEMENT-the die has been cast- Special remote live

Hello everyone! This is Kaya.

The rough days continue to go on.

I’ll be uploading some new videos so that everyone has something to enjoy, even if it’s something small.

These are videos I took on my iPhone, lol.

I hope it can bring you even a little bit of joy in these times!

With love,

If you enjoyed those covers, make sure to head over to the YouTube channel to see all the covers Kaya has recorded so far to support the work. Is there a gothic rock track you think Kaya should cover next? Let us know in the comments below.

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