If you wanted some bad news then here it is; DEVILOOF’s next single, Devil’s Calling/Angel’s Cry will be delayed indefinitely. The album’s original release date was April 11, unfortunately, it is already apparent that this is not the case.

The delay is due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic—which you might have guessed—and this is affecting the manufacturing despite its intention to be a limited release. A tweet released by the band outlines more details of the indefinite delay.

E-mail updates and additional information to help fans sort out the situation, for those who already purchased the single, are continuing to be sent out.

So, here we are, the European tour has been halted, the single has been indefinitely delayed, the Metal Battle gig was canceled, singer Keisuke even ran out of toilet paper. Here’s to hoping the boys have some better luck in the coming months.

However, what we have to look forward to once the single is out are the two tracks Devil’s Calling, and Angel’s Cry.

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  1. Devil’s Calling
  2. Angel’s Cry
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