About five minutes from Shibuya station, the conjoined Garret & Cyclone can be found. The venues are underground, in the literal sense. Basement level one is Garret and below that, Cyclone. On Monday, October 14, twelve of Japan’s finest rockers assembled for Metal Square Vol. 5. Bands took the stage at alternating times with two stages. There was a Visual Kei focus at Garret and a heavy metal focus at Cyclone. Each of these bands had something amazing to bring to their performance and it was a damn good night. However, no band had a more engaging performance than that of EREBOS. This is not to say that there is a hands-down-best-band of the night. However, EREBOS was something special.

When EREBOS took the stage I expected the standard metal fanfare, some interesting powerful vocals, guitars that shred through the rest of the band, kicking bass lines and lightning-fast drums. To my surprise and enjoyment, female-fronted EREBOS came out swinging. Vocalist Ruki has pipes like you would not believe. Melodic death meets thrash when her harsh-but-beautiful death growls intertwine with the rest of the band. Guitarist Juza and support Guitarist Timothy Reid crafted masterful thrash riffs that had the crowd going absolutely wild. Bassist Yosuke brought together a heart-pounding bass lines that set a perfect undertone for the eccentric drumming of Rui. Have a listen yourself with the album digest of KNELL.

Believe me, they sound even better live. Furthermore, EREBOS has to have some of the most engaged fans I have seen in my time in Japan. Maybe it’s the spirit of thrash, maybe it’s EREBOS, but I got to experience a moshpit like back in the States, I saw crowd surfing, and stage diving. At one point, Ruki even let a wild crowd surfer belt out a line for the song they were performing.

The bottom line was that EREBOS put on an amazing show and had a stunning setlist. If you’re ever in need of some good ‘ol thrash and need to bang your head until your neck breaks, look no further than EREBOS. I know they will be on my radar from here on out.

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