Falling from space, the magical fairy in a simple white flowing gown Toko Miura leaves a trail of spring shoots and flowers with every step she takes in an awe-inspiring cave in RADWIMPS’ Shukusai music video. This track comes from the Weathering with you animated film soundtrack album that came out on July 19. The lengthy album of custom written music hosts a total of 31 tracks, and two of them have been sung by Toko Miura and will, in addition, be released in LP and “complete version” that will contain an extra DVD with two music videos in November and December respectively.

RADWIMPS - 祝祭 (Movie edit) feat. 三浦透子 [Official Music Video]

If you enjoyed that, listen to Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do? sung by the usual vocalist, Yojiro Noda. This music video has over 29 million views at the time of writing and the beautiful album can be found on Spotify already!

RADWIMPS - 愛にできることはまだあるかい [Official Music Video]

Here’s the trailer for Weather with you (天気の子) by director Makoto Shinkai who also created the critically acclaimed animated film Your Name, and also 5 Centimeters per Second and The Garden of Words.


Weathering with you

Regular edition


  1. “Tenki no Ko” no Theme (『天気の子』のテーマ)
  2. Yasashisa no Aji (優しさの味)
  3. K&A Hatsu Houmon (K&A 初訪問)
  4. Uranai Hikan e Youkoso (占秘館へようこそ)
  5. K&A Nyuushashiki (K&A 入社式)
  6. Kazetachi no Koe (Movie edit) (風たちの声)
  7. Yousai, Kyuushutsu (陽菜、救出)
  8. Hare Yuku Sora (晴れゆく空)
  9. Sora no Umi (空の海)
  10. Otaku Houmon (御宅訪問)
  11. Hatsu no Hare Onna Baito (初の晴れ女バイト)
  12. Shukusai (Movie edit) feat. Miura Toko (祝祭)
  13. Hanabi Taikai (花火大会)
  14. Kishou Jinja (気象神社)
  15. Shibakoen (芝公園)
  16. Futatsu no Kokuhaku (二つの告白)
  17. Shuto Kiki (首都危機)
  18. Manatsu no Yuki (真夏の雪)
  19. Tenki no Chikara (天気の力)
  20. Kazoku no Jikan (家族の時間)
  21. Kie Yuku Yousai (消えゆく陽菜)
  22. Eien no Kumonoue (永遠の雲の上)
  23. Seiten to Soushitsu (晴天と喪失)
  24. Hodaka, Tousou ~ Kodomodachi no Kakusaku (帆高、逃走~子供達の画策)
  25. Bike Chase (バイクチェイス)
  26. Yousai to, Hashiru Hodaka (陽菜と、走る帆高)
  27. Ai no Dekiru Koto wa Mada Aru Kai (Movie edit) (愛にできることはまだあるかい(Movie edit))
  28. Grand Escape (Movie edit) feat. Miura Toko (グランドエスケープ)
  29. Futatabi no, Ame (ふたたびの、雨)
  30. Daijoubu (Movie edit) (大丈夫)
  31. Ai no Dekiru Koto wa Mada Aru Kai (愛にできることはまだあるかい)

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Complete version edition – November 27, 2019 release


Contains all tracks from the regular edition


  1. Grand Escape feat. Toko Miura music video
  2. Ai ni Dekirukoto wa Mada Arukai music video


  • Artbook in a special box packaging (18 x 20.2cm).

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Exclusive LP edition – December 11, 2019 release

Reissue in LP format. Consists of two heavy-weight discs (33RPM). *The contents of the discs are the same with the tracks included in the “Tenki no Ko (Weathering With You)” album released on July 19, 2019.

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