DEVILOOF has announced that they have collaborated with apparel brand ALTER VENOMV on a limited edition parka! The design consists of artwork from the band’s releases thus far and will be available worldwide from September 4 but limited to 100.

Not only can fans in Japan buy this but those overseas can too! I personally have bought from ALTER VENOMV clothing via Rakuten and if you don’t mind shipping costs, then go mad! Alternatively, you can use a shopping service too!

The brand has collaborated with other visual kei bands such as Tensai on a T-shirt, and the members of the Raid have modeled for them too. They are definitely a brand that is not unfamiliar with the visual kei scene.

Get your order in as soon as possible and see each of the members modeling the parka below!

In other news, DEVILOOF has formally announced that they will be heading to Europe in 2020 and want to know want countries they should include on the tour through their Twitter page. Let them know now!

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Keisuke)
Twitter (Ray)
Twitter (Aisaku)
Twitter (Daiki)
Twitter (Kanta)
Instagram (Ray)
Instagram (Daiki)

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