TERRACE HOUSE. Love it or hate it. It’s undeniably a popular show.

If you’ve been living in a wifi-less hell-hole, TERRACE HOUSE is a Japanese no-script reality show on Netflix that has spanned over five seasons since 2012. Each season follows the lives of six single strangers—three men and three women who live in a household who are all looking for love.

Some people say it’s the Japanese equivalent of Big Brother or Love Island, but takes on more of the calmer and mellow side slice of life dramas that explores interpersonal behaviors when it comes to love. When life is already intense and full of stress, TERRACE HOUSE is a pleasant retreat.

Spotify has helpfully compiled the playlist for the TERRACE HOUSE Tokyo 2019-2020 season, so please have a listen if you are enjoying or have already enjoyed the show. The show producers seem to favor western bands for the soundtrack, but hey ho, we’re open to music from the world. Maybe you’ll even find your next favorite band here:

The show, on the whole, was an incredibly slow burner and took me a while to get into after much convincing from friends left, right and center. The habit to watch the show started off as background sound whilst I worked, but it is so much fun to hear what the commentators have to say about their reactions and behavior as well as bitching talking about it with my own friends on live chat. You’ll become attached to certain characters of the show as you invest more and more view-time.

I’m currently lagging behind on the 2017–2019 show titled Terrace House: Opening New Doors and this show tends to use rock music during the ice hockey to snowboarding—the more athletic segments.

It’s scientifically proven that I am the most unathletic person that currently exists, so listening to this music is the next best thing I can do for my health.


If you watch TERRACE HOUSE already, hello! What do you think of Shion and Tsu-chan? If you hate the show, it’s alright, I think I can understand why. I hated it too, now I’m addicted. Save yourselves.

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