LEZARD is back for a triumphant return with their latest single, Strobe Shock, which dropped on March 26 in three types! The full music clip went up on the same day, and this visually-arresting pseudo-live does not fail to live up to the title track’s name.

Strobe Shock displays a number of visual kei influences, both in sound and in aesthetics. The instrumentals fuse electronica with hardcore punk, a staple of the contemporary Japanese punk scene. The melody is poppish and catchy, ensuring that it will not leave the listener’s head anytime soon!

The visuals of the video establish a theme of bending or transmitting light, fitting in perfectly with the title, which references a flashing light (“strobe”) associated with dances, clubs, and performances. While the plot of the video is a fairly standard live performance, the effects recall kaleidoscope and prismatic colors, which result from the bending of light, and the cubic, monochromatic style of modern screens. The “shock” is a heart struck with a lightning bolt, promising to electrify the listener!

Strobe Shock is available in three editions, each with unique names and backing tracks. LEZARD also recently announced details for their latest tour, “Charcoal or Diamond”. The full list of venues can be viewed on their official website.

LEZARD band photo for “Strobe Shock”.

Strobe Shock (ストロボショック)

Biribiri edition


  1. Strobe Shock (ストロボショック)
  2. Lip Service (リップサービス)
  3. Strobe Shock (ストロボショック) (instrumental)
  4. Lip Service (リップサービス) (instrumental)


  1. Strobe Shock (ストロボショッ) Music Clip
  2. Making of shot (メイキングオフショット)

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Shunrai edition


  1. Strobe Shock (ストロボショック)
  2. Lip Service (リップサービス)
  3. Tokyo Sanka (トーキョー賛歌)
  4. Tokyo Sanka (トーキョー賛歌) (instrumental)

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Seiten no Hekireki edition


  1. Strobe Shock (ストロボショック)
  2. Lip Service (リップサービス)
  3. Bake Monologue (バケモノローグ)
  4. Bake Monologue (バケモノローグ) (instrumental)

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