In a recent post on Instagram, ikemen GACKT showed off a photo himself after traveling to the Philippines with his friends, revealing his new tan and a bare face. Even with these attributes in action, GACKT was still able to confidently capture his cool self in a selfie.

“We all went to Philippines a while back and got quite tan. The words “So dark!!” just came out when I saw that photo. It’s kinda funny, right?”

While this isn’t the first time we see the superstar share photos of himself without makeup, this photo in particular looks less processed and doesn’t have him wearing his favorite sunglasses. Several of our writers even thought he looked younger in this photo. Do you agree?

Did GACKT still manage to capture your heart?

We also put together a few photos from his Instagram where you can witness GACKT’s good-looking face while wearing little to no makeup.

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