The highest recorded earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011, shook the nation to the core, changing the lives of those who took residence in Fukushima. Taking the thoughts of the last students of the local high school which closed last year, RADWIMPS transformed their feelings and memories into a song titled Soramado (空窓 meaning “sky window”):

So far, RADWIMPS has been consistently releasing a track every year on March 11 to mark this event in history, but this year he seems to be mindful of the delay as Soramado came out one month later. See the lead singer, Yojiro’s official comment below:

Seven years have passed. I wrote a song this year too. I could not make it in time for March 11, but I will announce it today. The name of the song is Soramado.

Last year, Fukushima Prefecture Namie High School was closed as of March 31. I received  written thoughts from the last graduates at the school. I wrote the lyrics based on it this year.

The feelings of the moment when the earthquake occurred, the feelings of leaving the family, when the people left, when the they themselves left, 7 years is a long time for a teenager. I can only imagine what I have not experienced. I tried my best to put the feelings I received from those words into the sound without being excessive or deficient. Please listen to it.

This year the video was made by Qotori film inc. It is the sky of March 11, 2018. This sky was a mysterious one. The sound of this year, I asked for Mr. Sawamoto’s help who worked together for a long time with Masayoshi Sugai (who records and mixes RADWIMP songs).

I hope the people who have been affected by the earthquake will feel comfort as soon. And to all the lives that passed in the disaster, pray for them.—Yojiro

This thoughtful track isn’t sold anywhere and it makes sense due to the story behind it, so please enjoy the tune on YouTube.

If you’re interested to see the other songs released, we have made a list of the songs he has written to remember the earthquake, so please have a listen:
2012 – Hakujitsu (白日)
2013 – Buriki (ブリキ)
2014 – Kaiko (カイコ)
2015 – Ai towa (あいとわ)
2016 – Shuntou (春灯)
2017 – Soramado (空窓)

More info:
Official Website

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