Upcoming tribute album for Shiina’s 20th anniversary Adam to Eve no Ringo (アダムとイヴの林檎) also known as Adam and Eve’s Apple or Forbidden Fruit has been announced and due out on May 23. To commemorate the anniversary of her debut, the album boasts an huge line-up of incredible artists to cover her songs including Utada Hikaru, AI, Yosui Inoue, Tajima Takao and so much more.

“Ringo” (林檎) meaning “apple” in Japanese, has been cunningly crafted into the album title to play on the story of Adam and Eve as well as her stage name, Shiina Ringo. To give a little background to why this name came about—she first introduced herself as “Sheena Ringo” at her audition in 1996 and explained that “Ringo” originated from her class nickname when she often blushed in public, and also from The Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr.

It’s going to be intriguing as we’ve had Shiina appear in Utada’s own tribute album covering Letters, and then collaborating on Nijikan Dake no Bakansu (二時間だけのバカンス) that came out in September 2016 on Utada’s Fantôme album. Have a listen here:

Adam to Eve no Ringo (Forbidden Fruit)

Regular edition


  1. AI – Tsumi to Batsu
  2. Inoue Yosui – Carnation
  3. Utada Hikaru & Obukuro Nariaki – Marunouchi Sadistic
  4. Kimura Kaela – Koko de Kiss Shite.
  5. Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Jiyuu e Michizure
  6. Tajima Takao – Tsugou no Ii Karada
  7. Fujiwara Sakura – Akane Sasukiro Terasa Redo
  8. Matsu Takako – Arikitari no Onna
  9. Miura Daichi – Suberidai
  10. RHYMESTER – Honnou
  11. LiSA – NIPPON
  12. Rekishi – Koufukuron
  13. The Urashima’s – Tadashii Machi

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