Earlier yesterday, European label Gan-Shin Records sent out a tweet revealing a new signing to their ranks, leaving the mysterious band to be revealed later that day. Not long did curious eyes have to wait to know that the band that had signed with them was visual kei band Blu-BiLLioN, who have been together since 2010.

Gan-Shin Records initially invited fans to try and guess the band, giving the hint “It’s more or less two words and the second one is something quite a few people would like to have” to go by. While no one guessed it right on Facebook, one smart code cracker on Twitter did correctly guess the band to be Blu-BiLLioN, which we’re sure gave him enough satisfaction to make him feel proud for the rest of the day. Gan-Shin Records then clarified that new information regarding releases would would come in the next few days, so if you’re a European fan of Blu-BiLLioN, then this might be your lucky day!

This major achievement for the band comes after the release of their third album, EDEN, back in October 2017. They are currently on tour for their “Blu-BiLLioN TOUR17-18-19 Strive for EDEN”, which ends in tomorrow, which is convenient enough for a European tour to be planned for this upcoming Spring or Summer.

Look forward to seeing Blu-BiLLioN’s discography being sold in Europe starting next month!

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