Kami-sama, I have noticed continues their mysterious concept and reveals a new song, TOKIO LIAR, after having their first mini-album released back in July.

TOKIO LIAR brings a funky and silly sound which by now has become one of the two signature sounds the band produces, with the other one being more sophisticated and impassioned. The band also virtually roams around Shibuya, Tokyo in their futuristic avatars as seen in the music video. Not only that, a crowd of “Kami-sama, I have noticed”-masked followers seem to have been affected by the dictatorship of the ambiguously named vocalist “Doko no dareka” (loosely translates to “Someone from somewhere”) and charges the famous Shibuya Crossing!

While this music video isn’t associated with any known release yet, the band did announce earlier last month that they’ll be performing at “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 17/18” on New Year’s Eve. This is a rare chance to see the band perform live as they’ve hardly been much on stage since their debut in November 2016. Don’t miss out if you have the chance to attend!

More info:
Official Website
YouTube (Warner Music Japan)

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