Amuse, Inc. established in 1978, is one of Japan’s largest entertainment production companies and provides management services for Japan’s top artists and actors. The agency’s current roster includes Perfume, ONE OK ROCK, BABYMETAL, Takeru Satoh, Masaharu Fukuyama, Haruma Miura. Amuse currently is accepting entries for Amuse Multilingual Artists Audition 2. Anyone from age 6 to 30 who can speak at least two different languages including Japanese is welcome to apply. Deadline is Sunday, December 3, 2017, 23:59 Tokyo time.

Amuse Multilingual Artists Audition 2 Application:

In the current world of show business, multilingual artists who speak two or more languages are expanding their presence in the rapidly-changing industry. In both domestic or international entertainment, Amuse’s multilingual artists are actively working in various fields, such as movies, TV, radio, commercials, music, fashion, etc.

With 8 overseas subsidiaries located in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Amuse strives to discover and raise new talent in order to create a greater impact than ever on the global entertainment industry. Despite the fact that language skill is an essential part of this audition, it is more important for you to have the strong passion ““to convey the inspiration of crafting art by making your dreams come true”.

From the first Amuse Multilingual Artists Audition, three artists were signed with Amuse. They took the very first step of their professional careers to make each of their dreams come true. We cannot wait to present them to the world in the near future. We’re looking forward to seeing your strong passion and infinite potential.

Application Requirements
・Candidate: One who speaks one or more languages (in addition to Japanese)
・Age: 6-30 years old
・Nationality/ Citizenship: Any
・Genre Actor/Model/Talent/Singer/Newscaster, and more (artists with multiple talents are also welcome to apply.)

How to Apply
Applications will only be accepted via online through the computer or mobile versions of the website (Mailed submissions will NOT be accepted).
Please upload required materials. For details, please refer to the application.

Required Materials
・Photograph (Full-length shot & above the waist shot — 1 each; NO heavy make-up or Photoshop)
・Video (under 3 minutes, maximum file size 300MB)
・See the Application Sample Video: https://youtu.be/MVpUpzGSp1o
Tips for creating the application video
・Try to include your special abilities as well as your language skills.
・Please take the video from an angle that shows your entire body.
・Have fun expressing yourself.

Here is an example of the video application:

More information and FAQ can be found on the Amuse website.

More info:
Official Website

Amuse Artist Roster

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