Anfiel is about to release their eight single titled Hikari (光) in a few days but they want us to taste their new sound earlier to the release date, November 8. In order to do this, the band has uploaded a music video for the title-track as well as short previews of the b-sides included in the single. Their new look has been also revealed so don’t miss that out!

The title-track is a rock tune characterized by powerful instrumentals with distorted guitars and a stunning guitar solo by Yukito but somehow melodic due to Shogo’s singing style. On the other hand, the previews for the b-sides are speedy and upbeat so this will surely be a very interesting single from the young band.

Watch the video and previews for all the songs below:

アンフィル『光』MV FULL

アンフィル8th Single『光』全曲試聴XF

Curiously, we see the members in the music video playing on a black background, while their new look has been shot on a white one. That would explain the title of the song Hikari (光), meaning light. Look at the Anfiel’s new look and individual pictures of the members below:

Anfiel’s new look!

Hikari (光)

Regular edition


  1. Hikari (光)
  2. I Be
  3. Kagiana no Zoku (鑰孔の続 -カギアナノゾク-)

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Edition B


  1. Hikari (光)
  2. I Be
  3. Kagiana no Zoku (鑰孔の続 -カギアナノゾク-)


  1. Hikari (光) music video
  2. Hikari (光) music video making
  3. Oneman Tour 2017 “一石を投じる” Document

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

More info:
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