It’s not everyday that a person outside of Japan can say that they are going to go look around and film for spots that a Japanese band filmed in, but when you live in London, a place every rocker goes to at least once during their career, chances like those may arise every once in a while. In order to pay a little homage to BUCK-TICK and their 30th anniversary together, YouTuber PandoraBakura took us on a little tour of places the veteran band visited during their stay in the British country.

PandoraBakura took us to Kilburn and Fulham, both places where BUCK-TICK filmed in the 80’s and 90’s. During her first stop, we got to see what used to be Master Rock Studios, the place where BUCK-TICK recorded their third album, TABOO, back in 1998. Unfortunately, this studio has closed, so there was no chance of seeing what it could have looked like on the inside.

Sadness over the studio is quickly dissipated, however, when the YouTuber finds the place where vocalist Atsushi Sakurai once stood and gave an interview in. Her excitement is so much that a swear word escapes her mouth, giving us a glance of how big of a fan she is of the band and how big of a deal this is for her.

The place where Sakurai Atsushi gave an interview once, with a comparison shot on the lower right corner

Next, PandoraBakura takes us to a street where Imai and Hidehiko walk down, again, during the recording process of TABOO. Despite PandoraBakura’s quiet personality, she can’t seem to avoid getting excited at the thought of being in the same place BUCK-TICK once stood. She even asked someone to take a picture of her standing on the street, even though she can visit it any day of the year and experience the (not so) famous street. That’s a dedicated fan, everyone!

The last stop in this short pilgrimage is the Greyhound Pub, now closed and renamed the Southern Belle, which was the setting for BUCK-TICK’s concert back in 1988. As PandoraBakura explains, post-punk and other similar genres of rock were massively popular in London at the time, which is what paved the way for BUCK-TICK’s appearance at this place back then.

The Greyhound Pub, now named the Southern Belle

The “most awkward BUCK-TICK fan ever”, as she called herself, finishes off her video by wishing the band a happy birthday and asking the band to wait for her until she can get to Japan to watch them perform live. However, we wish for the band to make a European tour or a world tour instead, as we’re sure the band has hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world that wish to see them live.

30 years of musicianship can only be boasted by few bands. With such a great feat under their belt, we’re sure BUCK-TICK will stick around until they can no longer play, which doesn’t seem to be anytime soon.

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