In case you haven’t been aware, Lolita 23q recently announced to have returned from their long-term hiatus, and had announced a release a few months back. Now, the single has been out since March 22, but the music video for their comeback release, Joker Game, has been unveiled only now, showing us the visuals to the jazzy and metal side that is the song. Check it out below!

The song begins with a jazzy saxophone, but soon we are met with heavy riffs that bring out the heaviness of the band. However, Sou’s vocals bring a rock pop feel to the song, creating this good balance between heavy and soft for our ears as we see the members betting money at games. Drummer BAN’s beats are intense as always, and overall the song is great!

Joker Game

Regular edition


  1. Joker Game
  2. Purariumu
  3. nijigen no chuu (二次元ノ宙)

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