The live action movie adaptation of the praised horror manga and anime, Tokyo Ghoul, has long been announced, but now that July 29—the release date—is only a month away, a special trailer has been put out for everyone to experience as even English subtitles are included! The theme song for this movie was brought to you by no other than Yojiro Noda from RADWIMPS, specifically his solo project illion with the song BANKA as announced a week ago.

What you’ll find in this trailer is a great balance between the psychological and horror elements that come into play, precisely how it is portrayed in the anime. The contrast between protagonist Kaneki’s sweet and primal personality gets more and more prominent as the trailer goes on, finally, until the bubble burst.

After watching this trailer, we are prepared for this to be an excellent movie, as long as you don’t expect too many action scenes. The visual aspects of the movie in terms of CGI looks to get the job done, good, but not great. That is however not the selling point anyway, nor is it a deal breaker. Our expectations are also brought one step higher with Kaneki being played by the actor Masataka Kubota, a man born with a gentle face, yet able to change face to one of a lunatic’s at the flick of a switch. We have seen this during his role as protagonist Kira in another psychological live action adaptation, Death Note (Japanese drama).

Masataka Kubota as Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki in his “ghoul mode”

The first Tokyo Ghoul trailer was released back in April, including a specific trailer for English speaking fans. This surely is a step in the right direction to increase the awareness and popularity of live action adaptations like these, as most people in the West solely stick to anime.

Watch the three-minute trailer below and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

「東京喰種 トーキョーグール」特別予告

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