A new band called Kizu (キズ) has formed by familiar faces! The band is composed of LiME (来夢) on vocals, who departed from Lezard about a year ago, LOUD GRAPE’s former guitarist reiki, DecoLa Hopping’s former bassist Yue (ユエ), and finally, Kyonosuke (きょうのすけ) on drums.

As the band already held their first live at Ikebukuro EDGE on April 17, you might be wondering when you will be able to indulge yourself in their new music. Luckily for you, the wait is nigh, or rather, their first single Oshimai (おしまい) has actually been out on sale since May 17. You can watch the band’s first music video below, but we must warn you the video contains scenes some may view as offensive, so please be careful where and who you watch it with.

Have you noticed that drummer Kyonosuke throws his backpack around minute 3:15? Yet, he still wears it in the next scene. Was this intentional?

Let’s find out in the outtakes and see what really happened:

kizu oshimai lime

Vocalist LiME (来夢)

Guitarist reiki

Bassist Yue (ユエ)

Drummer Kyonosuke (きょうのすけ)

Oshimai (おしまい)

Type A


  1. Oshimai (おしまい)
  2. Hitomi Dori (ヒトミドリ)
  3. (天誅)

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Type B


  1. Oshimai (おしまい)
  2. (ヒトミドリ)
  3. (へのへのもへじ)

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (LiME)
Twiter (reiki)
Twitter (Yue)
Twitter (Kyonosuke)

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