It has been announced that former DIV members, vocalist CHISA and guitarist SHOGO have formed a new band named ACME (アクメ). This is with their support bassist RIKITO and the former ARTEMA drummer HAL, originally from their duo act CHISA&SHOGO.

They have also revealed that they will release their first mini-album, SENKOU, on August 2 and have uploaded a music video preview for the title track SENKOU which you can see below along with their artist photos.

To fill you in, soon after DIV disbanded after their Hibiya Open-Air performance on October 10, 2016, vocalist CHISA and guitarist SHOGO went on to form duo act simply named, CHISA&SHOGO.

They performed under such a name for nearly a year with support bassist RIKITO and the former ARTEMA drummer HAL, until deciding to call it a day with their last live on June 30. They never released anything during this time.

However, just days beforehand, they stated that there would be an important announcement at the niconico headquarters on June 27 alongside a link to the website, emca.tokyo.

The letters of “EMCA” rearranged themselves to create the word “ACME” in the reveal video, and that RIKITO and HAL had formed a band with them entering the fray with their color-coded, punk-inspired costumes!

The rest you could say is history!

ACME’s niconico live stream launch event captured and uploaded by a YouTube user, all in Japanese:


Vocalist CHISA

Guitarist SHOGO (将吾)

Bassist RIKITO

Drummer HAL



  2. TrickXTrap
  4. EDGY
  6. Tebanashi Rider (テバナシライダー)

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