It has been awhile since their last release but ZON has announced that a new single is on the way, titled check it out, on March 15. The guys have uploaded a preview of the title track which you should totally “check it out” right below. The video features the band performing in an abandoned warehouse and is simplistic in the visual department. The song itself comes into its own when the conversation-like vocals start triggering the on-screen kanji to appear.

This will have only one edition with the main song and another called nano, along with the music video for the title track. They have also revealed a new look that you can see down below!

You may have also noticed that bassist Takumi is missing. This is because he left back in October due to musical differences but hasn’t affected the band much, seeing as they plan to continue forth!

Vocalist Azu

Guitarist Mii

Drummer 834

check it out


  1. check it out
  2. nano


  1. check it out music video

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Azu#)
Twitter (Mii)
Twitter (834)

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