How would you feel about hearing some Versailles songs in Spanish? In a recent interview with JpopAsia, the band talked about what came next for Versailles now that the band was back, and one of the things mentioned was the possibility of singing some songs in Spanish.

We will keep the love in our music, but we will also keep evolving ourselves so that our music will be better,” Yuki said. “What we’ll do will be new things,” Masashi said. “For example, singing [a song] in Spanish,” Kamijo added.

As Versailles is a band that focuses a lot on beauty, romance, and aristocracy as their major themes, it makes sense for them to try and pursue singing in a romance language like Spanish. I suppose Spanish was simply easier to pronounce, so they opted for it instead of French or Italian.

How would you receive such a song? This writer has mixed feelings about it. If done correctly, it could go pretty well, but if not, it could lead to disaster. Japanese already get made fun of already for their sometimes incomprehensible “Engrish” and English sentences that make no sense, but Spanish is more similar to Japanese than English, so it all depends on how good Kamijo’s accent would be.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this! Meanwhile, you can check out JpopAsia’s full interview with Versailles at their site.

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