Nothing’s Carved in Stone have announced a brand new album for this upcoming December 14! The album will be carrying the title Existence, and it will mark their eighth album to date. Their latest singles, In Future, released April, and Adventures, released a few weeks ago, will be included in the album. As per usual of Nothing’s Carved in Stone, the album will only have one edition, so no need to break your head considering which edition to buy. Good Guy NCIS!

This album comes more than a year after their latest album MAZE, released in September of last year. That album was quite good if i do say so myself, so we can all expect good things to come out of this new album. Check out the tracklist below, and join the hype train!



Regular edition


  1. Overflowing
  2. Like a Shooting Star
  3. Our Morn
  4. In Future
  5. Hanayagu machi ni mukau kimi (華やぐ街に向かう君)
  6. Good-bye
  7. Prisoner Music
  8. Honor is Gone
  9. Sing
  10. Adventures

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