Godspeed just put out an exciting preview of the fifth album by his project “G5 Project”, showcasing some of the godliest guitar riffs we’ve encountered! The new album appropriately titled G5 2016 is made possible with the help of a handful of respected musicians. Such as the founder of Video Game Orchestra, Shota Nakama, who was handpicked to take part in the Final Fantasy orchestra Distant Worlds by Arnie Roth himself. We also have Yamato Masaoka, Takajii, a2c, and Nike (not the clothing brand) contributing with some of the arrangement and compositions.

We should not forget that Godspeed, or his actual name Masahiro Aoki, also has a quite impressive background himself. He was a former sound composer for Capcom, taking part in popular games like Street Fighter, Megaman, Monster Hunter, and Sengoku BASARA.

You can listen to the album preview below, or listen to the full version of the fifth track Surge above and judge for yourself! The song that stood out the most (at least for us) was probably the third track All In The Demon, which took our breath away with its speedy djent-mixed-mathcore guitar playing.

Get your hands on this album on November 02, at CDJapan!

G5 2016

godspeed-g5-project-g5-2016 CD

  1. Determined
  2. Act of God
  3. All In The Demon
  4. Destino
  5. Surge
  6. Outburst
  7. Across the Horizon

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