RADWIMPS - 前前前世 (movie ver.) [Official Music Video]

“Kimi no Na wa.” (君の名は。) also known as “Your Name.” in English, is a feature film by Makoto Shinkai. It’s popular amongst anime fans recently, and for those who have seen it, did you know that RADWIMPS had written the either soundtrack? They revealed the full music video for Zen Zen Zense (前前前世) recently and we must admit, it is incredibly green and includes ninjas, farmers and monkey outfits.

RADWIMPS - 前前前世 (movie ver.) [Official Music Video]

This soundtrack has been released as an album which is also named “Kimi no Na wa” and came out on August 25 this year. The release includes several theme songs and 22 background music tracks which is used throughout the film. Whilst this album will include the movie version of the song, they have revealed that there will also be a new album with the original version of the song that will come out in November 23 in regular and limited editions.

Here is the track in action on the anime trailer:


upch-20423 CD

  1. Yumetourou (夢灯籠)
  2. Mitsuha no tsugaku (三葉の通学)
  3. Itomori koukou (糸守高校)
  4. Hajimeteno tokyo (はじめての、東京)
  5. Akogare cafe (憧れカフェ)
  6. Okudera senpai no theme (奥寺先輩のテーマ)
  7. Futari no ihen (ふたりの異変)
  8. Zen Zen Zense (前前前世) movie ver.
  9. Goshintai (御神体)
  10. Date (デート)
  11. Akimatsuri (秋祭り)
  12. Kioku wo yobiokosu taki (記憶を呼び起こす瀧)
  13. Hida tanhou (飛騨探訪)
  14. Kieta machi (消えた町)
  15. Toshokan (図書館)
  16. Ryokan no yoru (旅館の夜 )
  17. Goshintaie futatabi (御神体へ再び)
  18. Kuchikamizake trip (口噛み酒トリップ)
  19. Sakusen kaigi (作戦会議)
  20. Chocho settoku (町長説得)
  21. Mitsuha no theme (三葉のテーマ)
  22. Mienai futari (見えないふたり)
  23. Kataware doki (かたわれ時)
  24. Sparkle movie ver.
  25. Date 2
  26. Nandemonaiya (なんでもないや) movie edit.
  27. Nandemonaiya (なんでもないや) movie ver.

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More info:

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Kimi No Na wa website

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