Schwarz Kain is a new band composed of former members from the now disbanded bands Tokami, VAASTU and LIV’ERT, and they’ve already announced their first single titled Moment glow to be released on August 31 through Starwave Records’ web-shop.

Let’s now talk about the members of the band as some of them have changed their stage names. On vocal duty now named as Izumi  you will find Agato, Tokami’s former vocalist. Kazuha and K, also from Tokami, will be taking the guitars now as Nagisa and Keisuke respectively. After a long period supporting other bands, SIORI from VAASTU is coming back as a full time member, now as Ayaka. And finally, Tomoya from LIV’ERT on drums.

Take a look below at the preview for their upcoming single:

And finally here are the band’s first artist photos:

schwarz kain new look

Schawrz Kain’s first new look!

schwarz kain izumi

Vocalist Izumi (歪美)

schwarz kain nagisa

Guitarist Nagisa (渚)

schwarz kain keisuke

Guitarist Keisuke (佳祐)

schwarz kain ayaka

Bassist Ayaka (絢華)

schwarz kain tomoya

Drummer Tomoya (知哉)

Moment Glow

schwarz kain moment glow cover

Regular edition 1620 yen


  1. Moment glow
  2. Kimi ga Egaku Ruriiro no Sekai (君が描く瑠璃色の世界)
  3. Envy

Buy at Starwave Records Web-shop

More info:
Official Website
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Twitter (Tomoya)
Instagram (Izumi)

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