It has been revealed that nearly after seven months, KILLANETH will release their second single titled Apocrypha on September 7 available in two editions. Regular editions will come with three tracks, while the limited edition contains only two but comes with a DVD of the music video for Apocrypha.

As well prepared as the band are, they have already released their new look for the release along with previews and music video which shows the band performing in black and green color-coded costumes while in an abandoned warehouse with rubble scattered around the area.

Take a look at the preview of the whole single below:

KILLANETH Apocrypha Artist Photo

KILLANETH’s artist photo for Apocrypha

KILLANETH Kai Apocrypha Individual Artist Photo

Vocalist Kai (丐)

KILLANETH Nihit Apocrypha Individual Artist Photo

Guitarist Nihit

KILLANETH Rushi Apocrypha Individual Artist Photo

Bassist Rushi (ルシ)

KILLANETH 39 Apocrypha Individual Artist Photo

Drummer 39


KILLANETH Apocrypha Regular Edition

Regular Edition 1500 yen


  1. Apocrypha
  2. Kodoku -Einsamkeit- (孤独 -Einsamkeit-)
  3. Morpheus

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KILLANETH Apocrypha Limited Edition

Limited Edition 1800 yen


  1. Apocrypha
  2. Kodoku -Einsamkeit- (孤独 -Einsamkeit-)


  1. Apocrypha Music Video

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