Just a few days away from the release of their fourth single, Paroniria (パロニリア), on June 15, Anfiel (アンフィル) reveals a video digest of the upcoming single and a music clip of the title track. The band also revealed the tracklist and the cover artwork of both editions.

In our previous coverage we informed you that not one, but two singles from Anfiel are coming out in July and August. Their live DVD Lave & Feel will be released sometime in July, featuring their one-man live at Tsutaya O-West which took place on April 30. And finally, their fifth single Step by Step is set to be released on August 17, although details have yet to be revealed.

Now, take a look at the music clip of the title track below:


Paroniria (パロニリア)

anfiel paroniria regular

Regular edition 1500 yen – 1620 yen


  1. Paroniria (パロニリア)
  2. vacant
  3. Yubikiri (指切り)

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anfiel paroniria limited

Limited edition 1800 – 1944 yen


  1. Paroniria (パロニリア)
  2. vacant


  1. Paroniria (パロニリア) music video and making of

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