When bands break up, the most recurrent things for musicians to do is form another band, or somehow, one way or the other, stay in the music industry. However, v[NEU]’s ex-leader, Hiro, decided to take his life in another direction. It has been announced that, on June 11, Hiro will be opening his very own beauty salon! The salon will be named -Lily-, and Hiro hopes to give a little bit back to the fans who supported him during his days as a musician with this brand new shop.

v[neu] hiro

Hiro talking about beauty

As fans may have guessed already, -Lily- was the name of v[NEU]’s fanclub, and this name serves as a homage of sorts to all the people who supported Hiro and the band he was a part of for nine years.

Hiro earned his certification in facial muscles after v[NEU] disbanded with hopes to convey that beauty can be the starting point to changing yourself. His beauty salon, which will carry the concept of “a place to change the way you live”, will offer to support your mind and body through beauty treatment and mental care. As someone who had an inferiority complex about his face, Hiro states that he can relate to his customers’ worries and concerns about beauty, and hopes that his kindness and compassion will bring happiness to many people.

v[nue] hiro 2

Hiro meticulously preparing things for the opening of his salon.

It’s nice to see Hiro finding his calling after spending a large portion of his life as a musician. Even though some might find it sad that he wont return to the stage anymore, Hiro is now doing what he likes, whilst simultaneously giving back to the people who supported him. We wish Hiro good luck with his new beauty salon!

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