Former members of Lycaon are back together for the collaboration Gekkai Midarebotan! A song with a metal-wagakki nature to it, along with pop influences.

Two of the founding members of Lycaon, drummer Eve, and vocalist Yuuki recently got together to produce a new version of the vocaloid song Gekkai Midarebotan. Gekkai Midarebotan is a song Eve produced awhile back, in 2012, from the album Miku Scream. Back then he used the vocaloid software to incorporate synthesized vocals. But with the new vocals provided by Yuuki himself, breathing life into this aged song, it seems like we’re now getting a digital re-release of this song over at niconico. Unlike the first time it was released, Gekkai Midarebotan now comes with a music video, directed by Ahiru, and illustrations provided by mayurimu. Eve was even kind enough to mix and master the re-release just in time for Yuuki’s birthday, February 8. For reasons we’re not entirely certain of, he insisted on referring Yuuki as “nyanko-san” in the video title, also in his recent tweet.

I’ve been mixing all night, because today is my friends birthday!
“Gekkai Midarebotan”
Featuring the newcomer Nyanko-san!
Let’s have lots of fun this year!

Other than this release, Eve also reproduced other Lycaon related work in the past, such as Lycaon’s probably most notably song, Lily, in his latest EP titled “【L】【L】【L】【L】【L】e.p.” (although spelled “Lilly”). In the EP, all of the five included tracks starts with (the letter) “【L】”, hence the straightforward album title.

Those who followed Lycaon early on should know that Eve (and bassist Mio) left the band around 2010, at the time when they released their first album Royal Order. The reason being that Eve was more into his own kind of metal sound—in other words, the typical “musical differences” we’re all too familiar with, and didn’t want to push the band into a tune they weren’t comfortable with. This is also one of the reasons why Lycaon gradually gotten softer, and how they lost their edge. Further down the road, Eve jumped in to AvelCain‘s wagon as a support member during 2013, but now takes the role of the producer. Currently, he primarily labels himself as a vocaloid producer “Eve”, as a part of the doujin circle 1nfinity∞0rchestra, and also “sometimes a drummer” apparently.

Check out the two versions of Gekkai Midarebotan below, and tell us what you think in the comment section!

New version of Gekkai Midarebotanfeaturing “Nyanko-san” (Yuuki):


Original version of Gekkai Midarebotan, featuring vocaloid Hatsune Miku:

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EVE Miku Scream

Miku Scream


  1. intro
  2. Morning Glory
  3. Loud s“PEAK”er
  4. Girls in hypnosis
  5. Sakura Again
  6. Gekkai Midarebotan
  7. Nisekoi Romanesque
  8. Memory.

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  1. 【L】ilith
  2. 【L】ucy
  3. 【L】una
  4. 【L】inda
  5. 【L】illy

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