If you’re a fan of post-hardcore and progressive metal music, then you’re in for a treat! The super band of the doujin metal music scene, Silently Shooting Traitors, is finally ready to take orders for their second and latest EP, SLEEPLESS. But we’re a few days away until the album starts shipping, as the release day is set to February 1.

A few of you might have been eager to get this album for awhile, since the band already started teasing it three months back, by releasing the ending track Breath on YouTube, then continuing with releasing a music video, Manipulate. This album, unlike their first EP Stain & Rain —an Touhou arranged cover album— consist of pure original work. If you order it today (yes, they ship internationally), you’ll receive a first press edition with included bonus material, such as bonus tracks and also instrumental versions of the A-side!

We assume this band haven’t really been under most people’s radar, since we only covered this band once, two years ago. If you ever have come across the band abstracts, you’ll surely recognize the voice of the vocalist, because that is Shoohey, who was featured in two of the songs, Frost and Twilight, from abstracts selftitled album. Guitarist Keinoaza is a long running metal producer in the doujin scene, from the circle Sweet Relief, known for his excellent vocaloid screamo music. Bassist Yonakiyasya, also a metal producer, released various work under the name Ashay.

Bestow the arguably shy photos of the members down below!

From left to right: Keinoaza (guitar, engineering), Shoohey (vocal, lyrics), and Yonakiyasya (bass).

From left to right: Keinoaza (guitar, engineering), Shoohey (vocal, lyrics), and Yonakiyasya (bass).

Album teaser:

Music video of Manipulate:

Lyrics video of Breath:

silently shooting traitors sleepless artwork



  1. RISE
  3. WAKE
  5. REM


  • First press includes bonus tracks, and instrumental versions of the A-side tracks.

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