Earlier this month, MAXIMUM THE Ryo-Kun (Ryo from MAXIMUM THE HORMONE) was awarded the silver award for his illustration for the cover art of “Deka vs. Deka”. This won the “Illustrators 58” silver medal in institutional category.

The award was presented by the Society of Illustrators and this award is known as “The Academy Awards for illustrators”. The award ceremony was performed in New York on January 8, so Ryo-kun rushed with Yuko Shimizu, an award winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City, to the venue to accept his prize. Ryo explains his art represents “a selfish and spoiled baby” is not only in the country but also the culture that has bred abroad.

MAXIMUM THE Ryo-Kun-art-jrock-news-1

Jamming with his prize.

MAXIMUM THE Ryo-Kun-art-jrock-news-2

Ryo with Yuko Shimizu in front of his work.

MAXIMUM THE Ryo-Kun-art-jrock-news-5

His work on display in black and white.

MAXIMUM THE Ryo-Kun-art-jrock-news-3

The artwork colourised.

MAXIMUM THE Ryo-Kun-art-jrock-news-4

The silver award!

This competitive and prestigious event shows tens of thousands of applications from around the world. What makes this so special is that the medal has only been awarded to a maximum of six people per genre, so a big congratulations to Ryo!

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