Ikasan, an utaite (vocal cover artist) who has been gaining great popularity, and also grabbed our full attention in a clutch, recently released a new album “Seitou no Marché”. A cover album with music composed by vocaloid producers.

What’s eye opening is that this album features both male and female vocals! Well, I guess that didn’t really impress you? Maybe we should also let you know that both voices are in fact sung by one person! And to top it off with an even bigger surprise, Ikusan is actually a woman!

Believe it or not, the main vocals you’re able to hear in the music video below, is her natural voice. While she’s born a girl, her natural voice leans toward a grown man’s, rather than a woman’s. She mentioned in the past that singing in a feminine voice is far more difficult than singing in a manly voice.

You can hear her sing duets—with herself, among other things in the new album. Mainly, you’ll find the majority of the songs being sung in her natural (manly) voice, but still utilizes her feminine voice occasionally for specific parts. The main track of the album Seitou no Marché can be listened through the video below, upon reaching 2:14 in the video, you’ll also be able to compare her natural vocals to her feminine vocals.

She attended a few nico nico events in the past, the video below is one of them, from 2014. You can hear her speak with her normal voice in the beginning of the video, and later hear her sing in two contrasting voices, in the song Suki Kirai by HoneyWorks.

If you’re wondering about the text flying by in the video, those are comments. The most common ones were “888…” meaning applause, “おおお…” meaning ooh, “www…” meaning haha and “かわい”, which translates to cute.

Vocalists being able to sing in two contrasting voices aren’t really that unusual, but the unique part of this is obviously Ikasan’s natural deep voice. The doujin community has coined a term for those who are able to sing in both a manly, and feminine voice, they’re called ryouseirui, literally “both vocal species”.

Ikasan’s second album Seitou no Marché was released on December 16, and is attainable world wide through the online stores below.

Ikasan seitou no marche takosan edition

Seitou no March

Takosan edition


  1. Seitou no Marché
  2. Shissou Tune
  3. Idola no Circus
  4. Gaikotsu Gakudan to Lilia
  5. Mozaik Role
  6. Raspberry*Monster
  7. Undead Enemy
  8. Solitude to Loneliness
  9. Haikei, Natsu no Oboreru
  10. Moumoku no Uchuu Hikoushi
  11. Da Vinci no Kokuhaku
  12. Issenkou
  13. Kokoronashi
  14. Senaka

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